Guzzler Hand Pump 3/4" with 3' Hose Kit

Guzzler Hand Pump 3/4" with 3' Hose Kit

Johnson Pump & Motors Inc.
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This hand operated diaphragm pump does a great job of priming jet pumps, bailing out boats, canoes or kayaks or transferring water from one place to another. The practical suction lift is 4 m (13') and the practical discharge height is 4 m (13'). It also makes an excellent emergency back up to an electric sump pump. (The pumping effort increases at greater heights). Also included 3 feet of hook up hose for priming: 3/4" I.D. braided PVC, with a female garden hose fitting crimped on each end. 

The Guzzler is marked INLET and OUTLET - the hose going to the water source is connected to the INLET, the hose going to the discharge point is connected to the OUTLET

For portability the Pump can be mounted to a piece of 1/2" plywood (6" x 12") which can be used to hold it down with your hand, knee or foot while pumping. It can also be screwed on to a wall, bench or counter for a permanent installation - if mounted vertically the INLET should be at the bottum for the most efficient operation (the valves remain seated in this position). 

The Guzzler 400HG is a very versitile model as it has a male garden hose thread, and allows you to very easily atach to the following: 

  • 1" ID Pipe - by sliding it past the threads and tightening a clamp on the unthreaded portion
  • 3/4" marine bilge pump hose - by screwing on a 3/4" female garden hose fitting and then sliding the hose on. 
  • Standard Garden Hose - by screwing on the female end. 
  • 1 1/4" Sump Pump Hose - By using an adapter

The Guzzler 400HGK is specifically packaged with a hook up hose and complete instructions for priming electric water pumps (extra hose is required in SOME applications).

For example, you can prime a pump with 100' of 1" ID waterline and 10' of lift in less than 2 Minutes!