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ANKA 1 1/2"  Foot Valve

ANKA 1 1/2" Foot Valve

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  •   ANKA Foot Valves are spring loaded and can be installed at any angle; the nitrile rubber sealed valve is used at the end of the line (foot) to assist the pump in drawing water while filtering
  • The valve opens and closes with a secure seal to prevent loss of prime while providing increased flow
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable, non-corrosive glass reinforced nylon
  • Nitrile Rubber O-Ring and seat for a leak proof seal also includes stainless steel spring
  • Integrated filter cage, preventing debris; can also be used with filter sock
  • Serviceable
  • Increased flow rate outperforms poppet style brass and plastic valves
  • Operates at any angle
  • Used in fresh water, lake, well, and potable water pumping; irrigation, agricultural, and industrial use