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HRS-200-4” Commercial Spray Head with 30-40 PSI Pressure Regulator and Check Valve

HRS-200-4” Commercial Spray Head with 30-40 PSI Pressure Regulator and Check Valve

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4” Commercial Spray Head with 30-40 PSI Pressure Regulator and Check Valve

Redesigned from the ground up the HRS 200 is the most innovative, robust, and easiest to use head on the market.  Ready for commercial, municipal, or residential applications that demand a professional grade spray head.

The adjustable 30 or 40 psi pressure regulator consistently holds pressure to improve performance and distribution uniformity.  The HRS 200 is the professionals’ choice when coupled with the Hydro-Seal check valve to eliminate low head drainage and allow for faster stem activation.
Designed in Utah, the Hydro-Rain HRS 200 series spray head delivers consistent performance, season after season, in commercial and residential applications.
Installed around the world in commercial, municipal, and residential applications, the HRS 200 Series leads the way in innovation. The patented adjustable pressure regulator feature allow you to select 30 or 40 psi pressure regulation. HRS 200 series heads are compatible with most female threaded nozzles in the market.
  • Fortified cap with superior threads
  • Five sealing surfaces defend against leaks on the stem and cap
  • Over molded with a core of ridged plastic, stands up to corrosives
  • Pressure activated seal, sealing tight to the cap and riser
  • Threaded to fit all major manufacturers’ female threaded nozzles.
  • Improved design  deflects debris
  • WaterSense® Certified adjustable pressure regulating models increase nozzle efficiency while conserving water.
  • The patent pending pressure reducer adjusts from 30 psi for spray nozzles to 40 psi for rotary nozzles with the turn of a screwdriver
  • Hydro-Seal™ check valve eliminates low head drainage and speeds initial pop-up
  • The body has been beefed up with buttresses added under the cap for better grip
  • Spray head pockets are designed to catch debris preventing wear and tear
For optimal performance use with Hydro-Rain HRN series nozzles.
The HRN nozzles deliver true matched precipitation rate so you can  cover the entire project. Plus, all HRN nozzles are conveniently color coded to indicate their particular spray radius.