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Yard Enforcer

Yard Enforcer

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Adjustable, intelligent sensor with easy-to-manage controls. The Yard Enforcer's passive infrared motion sensor detects animals from up to 40 feet away -- even at night -- to give you maximum protection, and its intelligent sensing technology learns the difference between trees and animals to prevent overwatering. The sensor detects a combination of both heat and movement to activate the valve.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor and the duration of the spray after it's activated, and the Yard Enforcer 's 30-minute cycle enables it to function as a timed sprinkler. The metal
dual-step spike with brass hose swivel penetrates the soil easily and makes disconnecting the hose quick and simple.

Increase your protected area by adding Yard Enforcers (sold separately), which are connected via dual flow-through ports and controlled by the valve. The battery-powered sprinkler uses four AA batteries, which provide power for up to 7,500 cycles (batteries not included; alkalines recommended).

Yard Enforcer Tips and Tricks

Position the sensor and sprinkler in the direction of where the pest enters the yard to chase them away before they reach the plants and landscaping you are protecting.
Certain animals are intelligent enough to recognize the pattern and range of the Yard Enforcer and learn how to avoid the spray. Weekly adjustments may be necessary to continue to discourage these animals. Another option is to create a sprinkler "minefield" with additional Yard Enforcers to better deter certain types of animals.


Maximum Detection Range: 40 feet
Maximum Spray Distance: 35 feet
Detection Coverage: 1,600 square feet
Detection Modes: Daylight only, night only, always, and off
Water Timer Cycle: 30 minutes
Hose Connection: Standard hose thread
Expansion Outlets: 2 controlled, 1 pass-through
Warranty: 3 years, limited